Feb 10, 2012

Travelzoo Meal Deals

Travelzoo local deals are a great place to get fantastic deals on high-end restaurants.  In the past they have featured Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Yew at the Four Seasons Vancouver and Sidecut at the Four Seasons in Whistler, usually at about 50% off!

I bought the dinner for 2 from Show Case at the Marriott Pinnacle for $49, regularly valued at up to $110.  This deal includes 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts and is really great because you get to chose all of your own options!

Tip: To be the first to know about Travelzoo's local deals, make sure to sign up for their deal alerts newsletter.  I have never seen one of their deals that hasn't sold out in Vancouver.  

Also note: Travelzoo is also a great place to find out about affordable trip packages, hotels and flights.  I find that the vacation offerings in their newsletters are a lot better than other deal sites, and their weekly 'Top 20' email always has some amazing values in it!  

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