Feb 11, 2012

Vaneats.ca Dining Deals

A great site that frugal foodies in Vancouver should get familiar with is vaneats.ca.  This is an amazing site for trying restaurants at a fraction of the cost. The premise of these dining pass deals is the same as a lot of the other group deal sites, however, the main difference is the quality of the restaurants, the thoughtfulness and options of the set menu, and most importantly, the price.  Whats even better, is that a lot of the dining passes are for 2 people.  

Today, vaneats.ca is featuring dining passes for 3 different restaurants in Vancouver including; Ebisu on Robson, Suika Snackbar on Broadway (just marked my calendar, as this one goes on sale at 3pm on February 15) and Kin Resto Bar on Robson.  

I have just bought the Ebisu dining pass for an unbelievable $20, and I cannot wait to try it!  The menu is as follows:
  • Aigamo Duck Salad, roasted duck and sauteed button mushrooms served on a garden of fresh spring greens and peppers in a citrus infused ginger dressing
  • Salmon Carpaccio, Atlantic salmon marinated in soy based olive oil topped with citrus white wine mayo & flavoured garlic chips
  • Tiger Mayo, deep fried Black Tiger prawns complete with the chef's sweet chilli mayonnaise dip
  • Crunch & Munch Roll, prawn tempura, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with unagi & avocado. Served with unagi & wasabi cream sauce
  • Mars Attack, featuring smooth nougat and creamy caramel coated in milk chocolate then deep fried served with 2 scoops of polar vanilla ice cream on flakes
Pictures and review of the meal will come in the following days!  

I read last night that vaneats.ca will be offering a dining pass for Verace Pizzeria.  Verace has some amazing food, especially their Funghi pizza - which is actually part of the dining pass menu! I cannot wait. 

Tip: vaneats.ca is extremely active on social media. They often offer contests to win free dining passes, and they always announce their newest deals via Twitter @vaneatsca

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  1. Hi there, Melissa here from Food Bloggers of Canada. Just popping by to check out your blog and to let you know we’ve added you to our Membership Directory. Welcome aboard! I previewed the Kindle with Kin pass and it was sooo good. Loved the short ribs. And I'm trying out the Verace pass next week! I think it will be great!