Mar 6, 2012

Port Moody Farmers Market (Part 2)

The Port Moody Farmers Market was full of great products.  Another reason that I enjoy going to these is because it really does feel great to buy local products and know that your money is staying in your community.

Gary's Kettle Corn is a fixture at local farmers markets, and is a great local business that has an excellent product.  The difference is in the quality of popcorn that they use to make their famous kettle corn.  All of the kernels come out in perfect rounds.  I have to say that this is the best kettle corn I have ever tried. I literally could not stop eating it. 

The sweet aroma of Gary's Kettle Corn can be smelled throughout the farmers market, and was positioned in a prime location, at the entrance/exit.  If you weren't tempted when you came in, you sure as heck were going to buy some on your way out.  At $2.50 for a small bag, this kettle corn is a bargain.

I am always a sucker for a great (strong) cup of coffee, and when I noticed Handworks Coffee Studio's sign saying they use 2-3 times more coffee beans than regular coffee, I just had to try one.  

This cuppa java did not disappoint.  So much so that after I finished it, I immediately wanted a second cup.  This was one of the smoothest cups of coffee I have ever had.  I really liked everything about this booth; from the organic kids cookies (made with raw, organic sugar, flax and vegan margarine) to the rice noodle stir-sticks, not to mention the Handworks Coffee Studio business cards, made on torn recycled paper - some of the best I have seen in a while (I am also a sucker for a good, unique business card).

When I got home I checked their website to see if I could get this coffee anywhere else (I was hoping for a Handworks Coffee Studio cafe), but alas, still only at farmers markets.  I am sure that it is only a matter of time before a they have a location or two, and when that time comes, I will be a regular.

Another notable vendor was JJ's Diabetic Foods.  JJ's is worth a stop for a laugh alone, as JJ has a great sense of humor.  All of the jams, spreads and marmalade's that he sells are organic and sugar free, opting to use stevia instead.

He graciously let us sample off of his flavours and after much deliberation, I selected the blueberry.  I would also highly recommend the rhubarb and the strawberry rhubarb, both had great flavour and were just the right amount of tangy and sweet.

The rest of my favorites are coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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