Mar 16, 2012

Shang Noodle House 尚麵館

Last night I stumbled upon a hidden gem in New Westminster, right by the Starlight Casino. Shang Noodle House 尚麵館  is located right outside the front doors of the casino, between Shanks Sports Bar and a Kirin restaurant.  I was drawn immediately to the restaurant because it looks immaculate and clean inside - plus, had quite a large crowd inside for that time of evening.  Shang is owned by the same group as Kirin restaurants, where I have enjoyed some awesome meals, so I was excited to try a much cheaper menu by them.

The first thing I noticed after being seated (besides the awesome light fixtures, pictured to the right) is that they had a really cool conveyor belt that they refer to as "Randomize Me".  Basically, the concept is that chefs creation dishes are made throughout the day and placed on there for you to go up and choose from.  From what I saw, they were all excellent sized snack portions.  And in true dim sum fashion, only $2.68 each!  I assure you, that with those portion sizes, it would take 2 or 3 to become full!

Shang also had a great combo menu that both my mom and I ordered off of. My mom had Combo A that for $9.50 included Grilled Pork Jowl Meat Ramen with Pork Broth, 2 piece Prawn Dumplings and a Lychee juice. After adding some much needed chili oil (it was quite bland without), my mom became a fan of the ramen.  The prawn dumplings were pretty standard but delicious, and she swapped the lychee juice for passionfruit - yum!  She also noted that all of the items that she was served were not too salty, which was nice because she usually finds this type of cuisine a tad too salty.

I ordered combo D that included Stirfried Ramen with Black Peppered Beef, Chilled Pudding and soy milk.  I opted to pay the $1.50 upgrade to the drink and get a bubble tea (no charge for pearls, which is nice) bringing the total of my meal to $13.00.  I could not get over the portion size of the fried ramen when it arrived - could feed 2 people, no question.  And, the beef was extremely flavourful and tender.  So often I find that beef in these sorts of dishes is quite chewy and that was definitely not the case.  The strawberry milk tea and pearls were good, nothing out of the ordinary but very good! And the chilled pudding was mango with dried coconut and delicious.  I had so much food that I took half of it home.

And, I saved the best dish for last.  I cannot recommend the Deep Fried Squid in Spicy Peppery Salt enough.  It was amazing!  The squid was cooked nicely, and oh so tender.  But what really made this dish pop was the peppery salt they put on it.  The spice and heat was perfect. I will be returning for this dish, no question.  It was a steal at $5.28 - especially since it was enough for 2 people to share as an appetizer.

Another note:  Our server was very friendly, and the food arrived fast.  This is an ideal place, when in the area, to go for a quick, cheap lunch off their 15 item Dim Sum menu.

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