Apr 7, 2012

Show Case at the Marriott

I recently redeemed my Show Case at the Marriott, Travelzoo local dining deal voucher.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, as it was such a fantastic deal.  I was so pleasantly surprised by this meal, I would highly recommend both Show Case and Travelzoo deals to everyone!

I went with one of my girlfriends, Kate, and it was both of our first times at Show Case.  The location is a bit out of the way, located on the corner of W. Hastings and Thurlow in Vancouver, really in the heart of where the hotels are.

The service was prompt and we started with a bottle of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir - there was NOTHING frugal about this bottle of wine, at $50.  However, it was absolutely delicious.  WINE NOTE: There are no bottles of wine on their limited wine list that are under $45.  A little disappointing.

The nice thing about the Travelzoo vouchers versus other group dining deals is that you can have anything that you want off the menu. This one in particular included any 2 appetizers, any 2 entrees and any 2 desserts.  I started with scallops and Kate had lobster tail risotto.  The scallops were perfectly cooked and extremely favourful with pancetta (I am such a sucker for bacon).  There had been so many different appys to choose from, and I was happy with my selection.  Kate's lobster risotto was amazing!  The lobster tail was cooked well, and the risotto had great flavour.  When visiting Show Case, treat yourself to either of these appys, you will not be disappointed!

Lobster Risotto 
Seared Scallops

Kate is a pescatarian, so sometimes she is very limited to what she can eat on a menu.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that over half of the entree menu items were fish or vegetarian dishes!  She had the Wild Salmon.  It came on a bed of dry soba noodles, which gave it a nice crunch, and edamame beans.  The salmon was cooked very nicely and had very distinct Asian flavours, served with microgreens on top.  I would order this dish again in a second!

Wild Salmon

For my main, I chose the Beef Tenderloin (done two ways).  The presentation of my beef dish was awesome, and I could immediately smell the delicious aroma.  I could not differentiate between the beef done 'two ways', but one of the 'ways' was much better than the other - one had too much of a char on it for me.  The potatoes were smooth and well-seasoned, mushrooms were pretty standard but good and crispy, fried onions - Yum! 

Beef Tenderloin

And on to my favourite course of every meal - dessert.  I was very impressed by their extensive dessert list, it was very hard to choose just one.  However, choice made easier when your dinner partner orders the other option you would choose (and is great at sharing!).  Our choices were the homemade churros served with a Mexican chocolate sauce, and the red velvet cheesecake. Words cannot express how delicious both plates were. I could not get over the size of the sugar-coated churros, and the delicate spiciness of the Mexican chocolate sauce - a perfect match.  My red velvet cheesecake was so creamy and red-velvety (for lack of a better word) and came served with a strawberry coulis and strawberry rhubarb sorbet.


This was a great meal, that was made better by the great deal we got on the Travelzoo voucher.  Our server mentioned to us that they were on Travelzoo last summer, so this could be something to look forward to upcoming.

Tip:  Parking in the area is very expensive.  My frugal recommendation is to take the Skytrain all the way to Burrard - the restaurant is only about a 5 minute walk away from the station.  

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