Jun 16, 2012

Shu Shi Ya Coquitlam

I recently visited Shu Shi Ya in Coquitlam.  I am always hesitant to eat here as the quality is extremely inconsistent, but my new found love, Koi, does not serve all you can eat at lunch *take note Koi, you are losing business*! Shu Shi Ya is very cheap for lunch, at only $12.95 for adults, and if you eat the right things, this place is definitely worth the money.

Be forewarned, this place has really bad service. However, they are always very quick to clear your dirty dishes.  Remember, you are here for all you can eat sushi, not the service.  

Here is a run down of the good:

Deep fried gyozas here are absolutely delish (as most things deep fried are, aren't they?)!  They are always crispy, have a good ratio of filling to wrapper and the sauce is great.

Spicy agedashi tofu (on the menu as spicy tofu).  Shu Shi Ya has the most amazing spicy sauce which make these deep fried delights even better.  I had more than my fair share of these and would rate these as some of the best agedashi I have had! 

The salmon (sake) nigiri today, as always, was great. I am not a huge fan of the tuna at Shu Shi Ya, I find that it is usually cold to the point of being frozen or mushy.

No matter who I visit Shu Shi Ya with, they always order an obscene amount of spring rolls here.  Today was no exception as my brother, Kevin, and our friend Shawn were just loving these deep fried delights.  Make sure you save your spicy sauce from the agedashi tofu to dip these *yum*.

And now, the bad:

Yakisoba. Dry, dry, dry. And maybe worse - tasteless and cold.  Not even the spicy sauce could save this dish.  It was a bad attempt at one of my usual faves.

Ebi tempura roll.  They should just rename this one the roll with no ebi tempura.  We ordered quite a few of these, because as the name hints at, it should be good! However, more than half of these had no ebi in them.  Such a disappointment.  The rice to filling ratio on this one was also pathetic.

The ebi sunomono was also a bit of a disaster today, wasn't even on the table long enough to be photographed.  As my brother said, "it was missing the ingredient that makes it good".

Overall, my lunch today was decent.  The good were really good, and the bad were really bad.  If you stick with these recommendations, you will come out okay!

Note:  The jello for dessert at Shu Shi Ya is my absolute favourite.  I honestly believe that they have the most perfect jello ever.  And better yet, it is ALWAYS consistent! Save some room.

A note about lunch time:  It gets REALLY busy around 11:45.  Get their early, or be prepared to wait.

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