Aug 11, 2012

Mi Mexico (Bellingham, WA)

I recently visited one of my favourite places in Bellingham, Washington - Mi Mexico.  If my boyfriend, who happens to be from Mexico, likes the food, it must be good and authentic!  

Here are the best things about this place:
  1. It is really easily accessible.  Two blocks from Bellis Fair, one block off the I-5, right across the street from Marshalls and Ross, plus - it has lots of parking!
  2. It is always very quick, you can be in and out within 30 minutes.
  3. The food is always tasty.
  4. The portions are MASSIVE!
I try to order something different each time I visit. Recently I had one of the best dishes I've had at Mi Mexico and I wanted to share.  

As soon as you are seated fresh tortilla chips and homemade salsa are delivered.  They are not stingy on these at all.  Unfortunately, the chips and salsa are so delicious that I usually fill up on them before my meal arrives.

Juan started with the Tortilla Soup, which is made with a chicken broth base, and comes packed with tortilla strips, chicken, avocado, cheese and sour cream (just to name a few ingredients).  I would highly recommend having this dish.  We eat it quiet often and it has never been off.

For my main, I had a dish that you may know by another name, the Chicken Flautas (also know as a Taquito).  They were piping hot, deliciously crispy, the chicken inside was seasoned perfectly and the side dishes at Mi Mexico never disappoint.  The chorizo at Mi Mexico is to die for, and I usually opt for it as my filling.  However, the chicken in the flautas was unexpectedly awesome. And for less than $11, this meal was an absolute steal (especially since I was not able to even finish half of it, so the doggie bag doubled as the next days lunch).

Most dishes here are served with rice, refried beans and coleslaw (and sour cream and guacamole).  I am not a huge fan of the coleslaw, but both the rice and the beans are usually spot-on.  

I would recommend asking what the daily special is at Mi Mexico, it is usually a great deal and they pick their most popular dishes.  Other personal favourites at Mi Mexico include; the Shrimp Carnitas, their Margaritas and their Chile Relleno.

Next time you are over the border shopping, check out Mi Mexico and let me know what you think.

Tip: For lunch, check out their Small or Large Combos.  They provide lots of variety, are frugal and are great for sharing!

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