Mar 19, 2014

TravelZoo Deal Alert: Edible Canada

I just came across a killer deal from Travelzoo, for Edible Canada at Granville Island.  The deal is $59 and includes 2 starters, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts (and they can be ANYTHING from the menu!).  I recently visited Edible Canada and had some out of this world food including their Arctic Char, and the Maple Bacon Sundae, which after eating I remember saying that it changed my life.  A typical dinner at Edible Canada, for two, is upwards of $100 so you should take advantage of this deal while they are still offering it!

As a side note, they offer Merridale Cider on tap - it is delicious and reasonable!

Follow Edible Canada on Twitter as they sometimes offer some cool promotions.

 Buy one today!

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